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“BEAUTY IS AN EMOTION, IT’S NOTHING PHYSIQUE”. With this slogan the young Dutch jewelry brand Exoal is building its business. And successfully!! Their stylish, decorative jewelry are worn by young and old. Exoal Jewelry makes you shine a little extra every day!

“In my profession everything’s about emotion and charisma” says Julia Cabral, the person behind Exoal. This vision can be found in the design of our accessories as well as in my choice of materials.

Every season this vision is an inspiration and a challenge for our designer Julia Cabral. She searches for the right balance between colour, materials, trends and surroundings. Nature is for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Exoal’s colour combinations are always very special: striking and balanced at the same time. In combination with the carefully selected natural materials, every piece of jewelry gets a life on its own.